Saturday, September 8, 2012

To Whom I Spanked Today

This goes out to my two boys, who I spanked with our spanking stick for the same crime, for the first time.

Know what? I was annoyed and getting tired already... but I really wasn't that mad yet. But something told me it was a good opportunity to spank the two of you for making things hard for Mommy, who was preparing things for our afternoon nap.

I think, most people would have found me so mean... you were just having fun after all. You were just laughing and playing. The thing is, you were both not heeding my requests and you were both making the work twice as hard for me. That's not funny. And I did not see any of you paying attention to me. That's unacceptable. And I saw you fueling each other's inattentiveness.

So, I got the spanking stick and hit you both with it.

I know you were both hurt (it wouldn't be spanking if it didn't hurt) but I also gathered from your expressions that you were more shocked... and maybe even offended. Because this was a new experience, that both of you got in trouble for what you were doing.

But that's just it, darling boys. There will be many more occasions wherein you'd both be so high and in the moment of whatever it is you're up to... which may also result in trouble, danger or pain.

I want you to start ppolicing each other somehow.

It's just really unacceptable that both of you won't be listening and obeying.

Yakee... it may be unfair that I have to be more exacting of you, but you are your younger brother's hero... his role model.

Yamee... just because Kuya is doing something, or is engaged in something, doesn't mean you can forget who the authorities are in your life.

I love you both, my precious boys, and it is really only because I love you that I discipline you.

I may have been wrong for what I did today... but I hope the fact that you are loved and prayed for will help you grow up good.


Anonymous said...

that's so sad, I was spanked when I was a child by my mom for the first time and it stuck. I dunno but after that I can't remember much but my relationship to her faltered until we no longer have a relationship now.

Mec said...

Anonymous... that is so sad. But whether you believe in spanking or not, I am guessing that the reason you don't have a relationship with her now is not because of just that one incident (unless that was a major spanking we can also call abuse)...

My parents' generation was spanked a lot... but they're also a generation that tended to their parents.

I was spanked and hated it back then... but I have a good working relationship with my parents now.

Just maybe, aside from that spanking incident... your relationship with her was not nourished by other things. I hope, in time, that will be resolved and you both can build anew...

Rocks said...

I was spanked too (and just like you, hated it) but I have a very good relationship with my parents and I love them to bits.

Though we don't have kids yet I strongly believe in spanking as long as it is not abusive.

Have a good day sis!