Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Matter of Crush

I will admit to a bad parenting bit... I am allowing our girl neighbor (7 years old)  to babysit my kids for me. Well, generally, they're just playing and I am happy because the kids do not bother me, haha. Sometimes, they'd even hole up in our bedroom and spend an hour there just playing. Sometimes, I get 3 hours straight when the boys are preoccupied with their playmate.

The otehr day though, the girl started talking incessantly about a boy classmate. Sometimes, it even felt like she was making Yakee jealous because she kept telling her what she and the other boy did... how she missed that boy... how she wrote notes for the boy. Yakee barely listens but would sometimes tell stories about his friends too... as if it's a pissing contest of who did what with their other friends.

Cute, right?

But... after an hour of playing in our bedroom (mostly they hide under the bed or chair... and jump on the bed... or make a nest with our pillows) that day, Yakee came down telling me that his friend has a crush on the boy... and that he has a crush on his schoolmate too. I asked which girl he thought he fancied and didn't really react much. Yakee would say later on that he thinks Yamee has a crush on him because his baby brother kissed him.

Ngerks, right?

On one hand... the Waldorf Mom in me doesn't like the introduction of this crush concept... after all, Yakee is only 5. It's great he likes all his friends and does not make special distinctions for the girls. It's great that he can like the girls without it being a big deal.

But that's just it... it isn't a big deal so I shouldn't worry about what the neighbor girl brings to our home (though I suspect she's also bringing with her their school germs, haha). I shouldn't think this is the start of him acting weird and secretive and assigning malice on simple sweet gestures.


But suffice it to say, I was unnerved even if I didn't show it. Haha. Further proof that childhood is so fleeting.

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