Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crybaby Yamee

Yamee is now at a phase where he cries over any slight thing he perceives hurts him... like me trying to get water. And he's super contrary and unable to decide what he wants. Sometimes, the tantrums will be on and off all morning... and he really seldom wakes up without crying soon after.

How I wish he'll just be happy... for a whole week! Especially since I feed him and generally stay with him till he wakes up (making Kuya wait for him in the process) just so he'd wake up in the right side of the bed.


I am beyond frustrated.

And it doesn't help that he isn't verbal yet so communicating to us his desires is mostly off the table.

I know this is just a phase but again... I am beyond frustrated with all the crying. And plopping down just anywhere.


When I deduced him to be melancholic, I didn't really want to be right. Haha. Oh but he can be the sweetest thing there is, and he can be very helpful and independent too.

Just please, God, give me more patience and understanding!

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