Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From Robot Chameleons to Robot Bats

Yakee has this quirk... he keeps telling us that I'm the Mommy (insert animal here), Pappie is the same, he is the Kuya and Yamee is the baby.

We have been a family of cats for a long time. Then, penguins. Whales.

After our trip to the Robot Zoo, we were a family of robot chameleons. Now, we're a family of robot bats. Maybe, around seven to ten times a day, my eldest will stop everyone in their tracks to spell that out... that we are a family of robot bats.

I sometimes tell him I'd want him to be a room-cleaning robot someday. And well, if we ever get rich enough to have a pool, why not have robotic pool cleaners for sons too?

I can't help but wish sometimes though that we become cats again. Or, even rats. Saying Mommy robot bat, Pappie robot bat, Kuya robot bat and baby robot bat takes him forever! :D

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