Thursday, November 22, 2012

No TV Means More Music

Well... saying it is music might be a bit of a stretch, and I'm sure other people would automatically label it as noise. Anyway, one of the perks of not having the TV on all the time (the boys are only allowed to watch on Fridays and Saturdays) is that the boys can explore their creativity and musicality.

Yakee makes up songs, or sings songs he has heard (which, I feel, trains his memory and to listen better). They use all kinds of materials to create beats around the house (the latest of which are the parts of the marble run drummed on the TV screen). And maybe once a day, they will sit in front of the drum set and play it... while the other gets the mangled guitar and pretend to play along (I'm sure, in their minds, what they're holding is a godin multioud, not a broken ukelele lacking some strings).

And yes, I try not to play them songs all the time too. I like what they do with the quiet (disrupt it, obviously) and how they deal with it.

I like that they create instead of getting passively fed something.

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