Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stage Mom

Yakee was coin bearer at my cousin's wedding. I was so looking forward to him donning Converse shoes with a suit (really dropped the vest as it was an 11 AM wedding).

And yes, I dare say, he was the handsomest (little) man at the wedding.

Now, there was a point where we were running super late and I had to ask hubs to drive the rest of the entourage ahead... while I wait for some people and take a cab. I was soooo harassed then and really upset. I knew I was very transparent. But the thought that my firstborn would walk that aisle without me watching him was just painful for me... haha. As if I was missing a milestone.

And then it brought home the reminder that someday, my sons would leave hubs and I as he cleaves to his wife. It's always been said that you lose your sons when they get married, but those with girls gain a son when their girls get married.

I'd like to gnash teeth and react violently BUT... would I really some girl of the same fidelity, allegiance and devotion that hubby is showering me?

Of course, not. So yes... someday, hopefully I will watch my sons wait by the altar for the woman of their dreams. And I will let them be.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mom of 3 for the Holidays

My sister is now surrounded by her nephews at the foot of our bed. Yamee insisted on sleeping with them in the end and curled up in the nook he found by his brother's feet.

And yes, the title of this blog is both for me (for I alone can really stop all the boys in their tracks, and the only other one that my nephew will not deign to defy) and my sister (who insists she will 'bond' with the boys the whole time she's here).

But darn it, it's soooo stressful to mother three rambunctious boys... esply since my youngest is also down with allergic rhinitis. Sigh.

I am just praying Buteyko will see my firstborn through (because I still suck at it and is still sick) and that I can make the right decisions. Like, not tiring them out just because I feel pressed for time.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Teenage Men and Music

From reading FB statuses, I gather stuff like how a godchild of mine (15 years of age?) is into beatboxing, and hubs' brother is now really into electric guitars. Can the use of a kaossilator pro be far behind?

My son has already told us he wants to rap when he grows older. And both sons would pull their drum set to and fro thr two houses just to 'perform'. I guess I should really brace myself for the possibility of chaos and madness disguised as a teener into music some ten years down the line.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Mommy is Sick

Because I was exposed to copious amounts of ciggy smoke last Saturday, I have been nursing rhinitis since. And as much as I am hoping Buteyko will magically cure me, I am struggling!!! Struggling so very much with the exercises that I am doing poorly.

And the weather is sure not helping. After several days of intense heat, here we are with a very sad, cloudy day.

I can't help but wish that rhinitis is just like any old computer virus where you only need to apply some MAC antivirus here and there, and voila, everything's magically okay again.


And I have been anxious about the boys being affected by the weather too... but Yakee, I feel, has protection because he's doing well with Buteyko. Yamee, on the other hand, doesn't.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No to HK

Some discounted fares for Clark - Hong Kong - Clark just came up for the months of January to March 2013. It's around P6k per person and that's really a sweet deal already (though if you ask me, I really don't fancy having to go to and fro Clark before/after a trip).

It gave me pause! Haha.

I have always dreamed of going there in February, when it's coldest and you get to wear leather coats and Gaerne boots and you breathe steam and get red in the cheeks. Haha.

Then again, when I think of the luggage (and expense for those kind of clothes), that dream loses it's charm.

And well, there is that planned trip to Marinduque for the Moriones festival in March... so we really don't have travel budget for HK now. Plus, hubs and I have also agreed that we'd just throw the kids a Jollibee party when Yakee turns 7... and use the rest of the money for the HK return as opposed to doing the catered thing that's more expensive.

So, yes, no to HK for now :)