Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mom of 3 for the Holidays

My sister is now surrounded by her nephews at the foot of our bed. Yamee insisted on sleeping with them in the end and curled up in the nook he found by his brother's feet.

And yes, the title of this blog is both for me (for I alone can really stop all the boys in their tracks, and the only other one that my nephew will not deign to defy) and my sister (who insists she will 'bond' with the boys the whole time she's here).

But darn it, it's soooo stressful to mother three rambunctious boys... esply since my youngest is also down with allergic rhinitis. Sigh.

I am just praying Buteyko will see my firstborn through (because I still suck at it and is still sick) and that I can make the right decisions. Like, not tiring them out just because I feel pressed for time.

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