Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No to HK

Some discounted fares for Clark - Hong Kong - Clark just came up for the months of January to March 2013. It's around P6k per person and that's really a sweet deal already (though if you ask me, I really don't fancy having to go to and fro Clark before/after a trip).

It gave me pause! Haha.

I have always dreamed of going there in February, when it's coldest and you get to wear leather coats and Gaerne boots and you breathe steam and get red in the cheeks. Haha.

Then again, when I think of the luggage (and expense for those kind of clothes), that dream loses it's charm.

And well, there is that planned trip to Marinduque for the Moriones festival in March... so we really don't have travel budget for HK now. Plus, hubs and I have also agreed that we'd just throw the kids a Jollibee party when Yakee turns 7... and use the rest of the money for the HK return as opposed to doing the catered thing that's more expensive.

So, yes, no to HK for now :)

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