Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stage Mom

Yakee was coin bearer at my cousin's wedding. I was so looking forward to him donning Converse shoes with a suit (really dropped the vest as it was an 11 AM wedding).

And yes, I dare say, he was the handsomest (little) man at the wedding.

Now, there was a point where we were running super late and I had to ask hubs to drive the rest of the entourage ahead... while I wait for some people and take a cab. I was soooo harassed then and really upset. I knew I was very transparent. But the thought that my firstborn would walk that aisle without me watching him was just painful for me... haha. As if I was missing a milestone.

And then it brought home the reminder that someday, my sons would leave hubs and I as he cleaves to his wife. It's always been said that you lose your sons when they get married, but those with girls gain a son when their girls get married.

I'd like to gnash teeth and react violently BUT... would I really some girl of the same fidelity, allegiance and devotion that hubby is showering me?

Of course, not. So yes... someday, hopefully I will watch my sons wait by the altar for the woman of their dreams. And I will let them be.

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