Monday, January 21, 2013

This Domesticated Mom

After my cousin and sister left, I had to face real chores and struggle with them and all my usual nurturing/parenting tasks. Needless to say, homeschooling has really taken a backseat since I haven't found a balance between the chores and nurturing yet.

I know I have to reduce the kids' toys... not just because it will help with the cleanup if they have fewer toys, but also so they will really take better care of the toys they do have. Too much toys is like watching TV, they get bored easily with one and cannot really decide on which to play with.

I also know I have to invest in more chests and toys, because the kids now are at an age when they really need to learn to respect each other's personal things... as well as share communal properties (like the Lego).

I also have to throw more of my and hubs' things... to make room for more space, or the new toy chests.

I also have to come up with a schedule, regardless of whether my distant cousin can really work for us and help out. So that I know which has to be done that day, and my kids can follow suit. In the Little House books, there were baking days, wash day, ironing day, etc. and we should have that too. It will help them know which day is which, what food to expect that day, etc.

And then there are the things we need to invest in. I might consider raiding carpet stores for a utilitarian type to designate which will be the study area in our home and certainly more book shelves and a big whiteboard.

And sometime in the next two weeks, hubs and I would need to wash the sofa cover because Yamee peed on it a week ago. ho knows what germs are growing in the cushion now!

Now... how am I as a Mom these days? Verging on terrible, especially since my sister's departure also happened when my hormones turned. I am really struggling with my temper and have been very autoritative. I jus keep reminding myself not to allow my heart to be so distant from the kids.

Yamee is the bigger challenge lately though, more prone to not responding to instructions and striking on his own.

Heaven... help me please!

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