Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Accidents Will Happen

First,  I heard the sound of a chair falling, then followed by things, then the sound of Yamee crying. Then, I saw blood on his legs and started panicking inside. Then there was more blood on his chin. I saw a spoon beside him and thought he must have fallen while playing with the spoon, and the spoon cut him up somehow.

I was ready to rush him to the hospital... silently bracing myself to take the blame for this accident... when I had the presence of mind to make him gargle. There wasn't blood anymore after the second time he spat out the water so I inspected him some more. It turned out, he cut his inner cheek and that was the only source of blood. And after wiping all the blood up, he was playing again.

He did keep whining about his runny nose, but that's all. And Kuya, feeling a little responsible (after I pointed out to him that though brothers help each other, he really musn't ask Yamee to do things he can do for himself since Yamee is younger... see, he asked Yamee to get the dropper he dropped, and Yamee miscalculated his jump) called Yamee to read to him and draw with him. He was even generous enough to let Yamee break one of the twistable crayons.


That was lunch. When Yamee fell off the bike that his older brother decided to pull up, I was really ready to research threaded studs and bolts and use them on my sons... or at least, my youngest.


Heaven knows I love both my boys and I don't want to raise Yamee with a victim complex... and Yakee with the notion that he's a hurtful, careless child. But heaven also knows how I can better teach Yakee to be more thoughtful where his brother is concerned...

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