Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Men Aren't Idiots

There was a time in my life when I thought that men were idiots... that they were pretty much useless without women raising them challenging them, supporting them and lifting them up. I was that kind of 'feminist' for a while... and I 'hated' them a little bit for being 'mean' to women throughout history.

But somewhere along the way, I grew up. I started preferring to be called a humanist. I started getting to know more and more men who are great husbands and fathers and sons.

And then, I married the gentlest, most loving man ever.

And then, we had boys.

So, on one hand, I have embraced that men and women are innately different from one another. Where we lament a man's inability to multi task, men lament the fact that our efforts don't result in greatness because our concentration is always divided. Where we lament their inability to express emotions, they lament that we have made it a sport.

And then, somewhere down the line, it became cool for women to be into 'manly pursuits' (like gaming) and men pursued nurturing roles (like babywearing).

But more importantly, as friends have made me realize and pointed out... I cannot call men idiots because I married one. And I am a mother of sons who will grow up to be men, and I don't want any woman out there thinking they're too good for my sons. Because I know my sons... they are good boys and they were loved. And I struggle everyday to raise them right.


On that note... tonight ended horribly for us all. Both kids have been very disobedient since yesterday... there have been falls (Yamee), spanking (both), lots of withdrawn privileges... and tears... and sleeplessness.


If I am wrong, God, make my heart right.

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