Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Still A Mom

Just not much of a blogging mom lately though.

I  just don't have the energy!!! Chores and policing the boys occupy my days that I even feel sometimes that I can't breathe. Sigh.

But the past few days have been better than most days, despite my eczema acting up and having to run errands with the boys to banks and payment centers. I have learned to let them settle their battles more, insist on cleanup and not shout as much. I am trying to pander to their respective emotional/moral development to make my discipline more effective.

But I think, in the end, what really helped calm me down was hubby asking... HOW DO I DO IT? Spend my days with them, with the same and different issues, attend to their needs, attend to chores, etc.

My response was... well, they have to be done and nobody else will do it.

So, I do it. Not perfectly, and not even really well. I just do what I can.

Hopefully though I can improve fast so I can really integrate more structure and homeschooling into our days.

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