Monday, March 25, 2013

My Age Doesn't Matter Anymore

A friend posted this on FB:
In about a month, the boy and I will be celebrating our birthdays and I have to say that while turning 36 doesn't faze me one bit, my son turning 7 is a little bit depressing.

Sigh... Yakee will turn 6 four days after I turn 36. Yamee will turn three a few days before hubby will turn 37. Our birthdays have ceased to be our own because we had kids to share them with. But what my friend said  resonated so well with me.

More like, they're heartbreaking.

Nowadays, I can't seem to stop myself from saying how we don't have a baby anymore... as Yamee is all grown up (at 2) and defiant. And I look at Yakee and keep seeing the handsome man he will grow up to be, and I can't help but see visions of girls competing for his attention and loyalty.

Sometimes, I think, I even delay mentoring him because I want to preserve just a little more dependence on me, just a little more need of me. I know, it's soooo bad and mean of Mommy.

I think Yakee is feeling the growing up too... because he's been asking more and more to sleep in the big bed again, or for me to meme (caress) him while he sleeps if I wake up in the middle of the night. I think, unconsciously, he knows that babyhood is no more... at least for him.

How fast the five or so years have gone by, looking at them from here. But while living them, they felt every bit of the five years. So, it's really hard to explain the why of this sentimentality... then again, other parents will just understand. They've gone through the same.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How I Got to Raising Snails

Funnily enough, I think I forgot to clean the container today :D

I bring the boys to the market with me when I have to go, since nobody will be staying with them. One day over a week ago (or probably two), we passed by a cart filled with live snails (the local 'suso' that you cook with coco milk). The boys kept returning to the cart, amazed at the reatures so I thought I'd just get them two each and let them have their fill watching them come in and out of their shells.

Within a day, Yamee lost one of his.

After three days, Yakee lost one of his.

(and yes, it is a mystery how those snails seem to haven't died yet since there hasn't been a foul smell coming from a dusty cranny at both houses)

So, each boy now only have one snail each to call their pet. Unfortunately, they soon lost interest so I ended up cleaning the container and making sure they have fresh water and some leaves to munch on (haha, hubs said they eat kangkong so I gave them any leafy veggie we have).

When Yamee remembers them, he tries throwing cut paper or plastic in their container. More stress for me.

And yes, I don't know why  haven't just thrown them with the trash. Sigh.

I did tell Yakee that their lack of responsibility over the snails just proves to me they aren't ready for the other pets they've been asking for (goldfish, cat, dog, horse, chameleon)  :D

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sorta Hate These

Aren't my boys just positively good looking? Crazy too, yes. So, why do I sorta hate these?
Sigh... because these pictures show me glimpses of them in their teens... and none of the babies I used to hold in my arms.
They are really growing up so fast.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wishful Thinking for Summer Programs

Summer's upon us, and homeschooling dictates that Yakee be entitled to an enrichment class outside the home... so, here I am again thinking about the things that I really want him to take up.

Baking and cooking will be a plus, because then he'd really be more helpful in the kitchen. The Waldorf mom in me doesn't want him pursuing musical insruments yet, but getting acquainted with fun ones will be nice. I don't care if that paves the way to me shopping at Kramer Guitars at music123 in the future (because heaven knows boys don't stop with ukeleles). I'd love for him to do more gardening and woodworking... and of course, he will have swimming lessons again.

I'm also thinking about soccer (but I am not sure he's ready for competitive sports) or wushu (because he at least likes to jump a lot). Arts will also be nice... and maybe theater.

But where oh where that doesn't toll on us logistically nor conflict with his swimming lessons?

The Destroyer, 2.0

There was a time it was Yakee who rendered our appliance useless. Now, it's Yamee's turn. He is done treating the cables and plugs of our TV and players as if they're some Focusrite microphone preamp system (or old phone system, if you please). Sometimes, I really dare not even look at what he's up to anymore.

It also doesn't help that he's so quiet. With Yakee before, I could always sense what he was about as he excitedly pursued his naughtiness, I mean, curiosity... with Yamee, however, he's like a stealth machine. Haha, maybe I should plug him to an amp, just so I am forewarned.

He is a two year old boy realizing all the explorations entitled him. May heaven help me. (And thank God it was the walls and floors and doors at the other house that he thought to write on yesterday).

Monday, March 4, 2013

Crochet Freak

Weirdly enough, I have found solace and quiet in crocheting. Unfortunately, such is the escape I get from it that I have been tuning the boys out. Haha.

As I got better at it, I got worse in my parenting. So... I am declaring some sort of hiatus.
Didn't edit the crappy composition anymore... but I crocheted this in one sitting... when I was getting stressed at the impending departure of my sister a month ago (used one of the craft balls in my stash as decor)
me practicing with flowers and bows coz a friend was asking if I want to tie up with her business
loved learning about flowers coz they're soooo easy to make and finish (better than hacky sacks!)
this is a water bottle holder gift to a goddaughter :)  I thought that one single flower was cute!
this was the glove that I tried shortscuts with... so it ended up with horrid-looking fingers :D have to completely remake!!!
my first official headband made
the second one :)

I haven't included here the scarves made from love and really achy fingers (4 in all, last Nov-Dec)... but see how my descent into madness resulted in pretty things? Haha. Ironic too that I am a mom of boys and don't really have use for these flowers.

Anyway... in my hiatus... I will happily await the arrival of these:
Haha.... I should have bought more solids than ombres
these... bought by my sister using coupons and a lot of love!
there was a Valentine sale at Knitpicks so these are all girly colors

Well... I figured, if I can make SOME money out of finding solace, why not?!