Monday, March 4, 2013

Crochet Freak

Weirdly enough, I have found solace and quiet in crocheting. Unfortunately, such is the escape I get from it that I have been tuning the boys out. Haha.

As I got better at it, I got worse in my parenting. So... I am declaring some sort of hiatus.
Didn't edit the crappy composition anymore... but I crocheted this in one sitting... when I was getting stressed at the impending departure of my sister a month ago (used one of the craft balls in my stash as decor)
me practicing with flowers and bows coz a friend was asking if I want to tie up with her business
loved learning about flowers coz they're soooo easy to make and finish (better than hacky sacks!)
this is a water bottle holder gift to a goddaughter :)  I thought that one single flower was cute!
this was the glove that I tried shortscuts with... so it ended up with horrid-looking fingers :D have to completely remake!!!
my first official headband made
the second one :)

I haven't included here the scarves made from love and really achy fingers (4 in all, last Nov-Dec)... but see how my descent into madness resulted in pretty things? Haha. Ironic too that I am a mom of boys and don't really have use for these flowers.

Anyway... in my hiatus... I will happily await the arrival of these:
Haha.... I should have bought more solids than ombres
these... bought by my sister using coupons and a lot of love!
there was a Valentine sale at Knitpicks so these are all girly colors

Well... I figured, if I can make SOME money out of finding solace, why not?!

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