Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How I Got to Raising Snails

Funnily enough, I think I forgot to clean the container today :D

I bring the boys to the market with me when I have to go, since nobody will be staying with them. One day over a week ago (or probably two), we passed by a cart filled with live snails (the local 'suso' that you cook with coco milk). The boys kept returning to the cart, amazed at the reatures so I thought I'd just get them two each and let them have their fill watching them come in and out of their shells.

Within a day, Yamee lost one of his.

After three days, Yakee lost one of his.

(and yes, it is a mystery how those snails seem to haven't died yet since there hasn't been a foul smell coming from a dusty cranny at both houses)

So, each boy now only have one snail each to call their pet. Unfortunately, they soon lost interest so I ended up cleaning the container and making sure they have fresh water and some leaves to munch on (haha, hubs said they eat kangkong so I gave them any leafy veggie we have).

When Yamee remembers them, he tries throwing cut paper or plastic in their container. More stress for me.

And yes, I don't know why  haven't just thrown them with the trash. Sigh.

I did tell Yakee that their lack of responsibility over the snails just proves to me they aren't ready for the other pets they've been asking for (goldfish, cat, dog, horse, chameleon)  :D

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