Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wishful Thinking for Summer Programs

Summer's upon us, and homeschooling dictates that Yakee be entitled to an enrichment class outside the home... so, here I am again thinking about the things that I really want him to take up.

Baking and cooking will be a plus, because then he'd really be more helpful in the kitchen. The Waldorf mom in me doesn't want him pursuing musical insruments yet, but getting acquainted with fun ones will be nice. I don't care if that paves the way to me shopping at Kramer Guitars at music123 in the future (because heaven knows boys don't stop with ukeleles). I'd love for him to do more gardening and woodworking... and of course, he will have swimming lessons again.

I'm also thinking about soccer (but I am not sure he's ready for competitive sports) or wushu (because he at least likes to jump a lot). Arts will also be nice... and maybe theater.

But where oh where that doesn't toll on us logistically nor conflict with his swimming lessons?

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