Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day Gift 2013

Hubs' gift to me was the Aerosmith concert. But the best thing that I was thankful for, that never ceases to make me smile and go giddy... is Yamee talking.

Sometimes, the words are very distinct... sometimes, fairly understandable... sometimes mind-boggling. But he is talking more and not just words too. Because he just repeated the "Mama, what are you doing?" phrase his Kuya was chanting earlier. And yes, he was prompted with Raisinets as incentive but he has said the words, "I love Mama/Papa" :)

Now, he even automatically says 'Thank You' :)

So... I make my cousin and sister humor me by talking to him on the phone :) I prompt him a lot but they get to hear him speak in his super sweet voice so it's worth the effort (and well, calls are free via Viber).

So.. despite the fact that he's still cantankerous a third of the time, I will admit to cutting him a bigger slack just because he is sooooo cute when he talks, babbles and sings. Sometimes, you can even sense that he is telling a story through play.

I really, really thank God for this blessing.

And yes, he signs more now too.... so communication is easier and more rewarding.


Meanwhile, Yakee is Best in Basic Freestyle and Yamee amazes his swim teacher so much, she ends up hugging him all the time. I thank God for that too... that my sons enjoy the water and that we had the means to send them to such classes.

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