Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time for Music Lessons?

Yakee would often say that he wants to learn to play the drums. I am insisting he learns the recorder first (and with Waldorf, he'd do it by age 7 for his lungs) plus I didn't want his developing ears to be subjected to that much noise already (ear plugs notwithstanding).

Hubs and I have been discussing how we will go about this, since we live so far away from TMA/Tiendesitas to enroll the kids with their affiliated programs. I sometimes check out alvarez guitars from musicians friend (because I can't help but think that playing the guitar will go along way in fine motor development for Yakee, plus add to his appeal, haha) but I really should find tutors or centers that will teach him music the way I want him taught. In the progression that Waldorf follows (because I believe in their system).

Yakee is only five. Some say that's a good age to start lessons. Maybe we will start soon... or maybe wait.

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