Sunday, July 21, 2013

Early Christmas Shopping

Thank heavens that I really need not depend on dept 56 north pole online for Christmas-y stuff... because Uniwide Coastal has an entire aisle devoted to the season. A friend of mine even spent only around P2k for a Christmas Village (with people and Christmas-y lighthouses). I got a grip, however, and bought only a few balls and bells because I told myself I better just crochet the trinkets for our tree... and make it truly our own. Good luck with that, haha.

I did buy a lot of washable markers, highlighters and decorative tapes! Not in this picture are mixing bowls and serving plate, two aqua shoes for the boys... and a foldable trolley. All we spent is P1.5k

Great bargain, if I may say so.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Breastfeeding Uncovered: An Event for Parents and People Caring for Infants

If you are any of the following:
- pregnant, 
- a mother struggling with breastfeeding,
- a mother interested to know more about breastfeeding, 
- a breastfeeding advocate hoping to be trained as peer counselor
- a pediatrician
- a pediatric nurse
- a doctor of any specialty receiving a lot of mommy patients
- health care worker
- public servant
- community leader

Then, this talk on breastfeeding by Jack Newman, MD is just the event for you.

Feel free to e-mail me at delisyus at gmail dot com to purchase early bird tickets at P1,100 (I know the poster says to e-mail info at theperfectlatch dot com... I am a LATCH, Inc. counselor and we were tasked to sell at least 3 tickets each and the only way this can be tracked is if buyers purchase tickets through a counselor). So, please help me... by helping you know more about breastfeeding!!!

Homeschooling Shopping

I'm just waiting for hubs' next salary to do more homeschooling shopping for our house. Maybe a new bookshelf, at least, for downstairs and more books. And some laboratory equipment too. Haha. I have scoured the net for sites and reviews to find the best starter weighing scales and magnet sets... so in the future, I wouldn't be surprised if I also go over for tooling components for my sons.

And I must admit it's bringing out the geek in Mommy. Haha. Who gets excited at the prospect of owning a scale and weight set?!

Meanwhile, can you imagine, we have just finished our 6th week of official homeschooling? And all in all, we have kept pace with the lessons in the books I bought... but veered slightly because we tackled vertebrate groups (just finished with mammals).

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rondalla Group at Barbara's

Hubby took me on a dinner date again at Barbara's last night. We like taking advantage of groupon offerings for this particular restaurant because we really like their food and we are reminded of our wedding (because they catered to ours).

Anyway, I was mesmerized by this rondalla group that were playing there. The guitar player was really good, and together, they were all really great. The one playing the big bass guitar was a girl, and she was rocking the very large musical instrument.

I started wishing again that I can get my kids into these Filipino groups (not sure though if they would appreciate cultural dancing, as the male dancers last night seemed gay-ish to me) as part of their homeschooling. Hubs and I agreed that I can have my wish first of having Yakee learn a wind instrument (for his lungs) and then he can transition to a guitar (maybe under hubby's uncle's tutelage) before getting his dream of learning to play the guitar. So, yes... I can forego reading through gear one mv1000 review at guitar center because Yakee has yet to master a flute, recorder or sax. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Taming My Fire

I am being more inspired by CCF and a homeschooler shared the rough draft of her manuscript on parenting gems... and for a week now, I have been really calmer.

And in just three days of choosing to follow the book's gems, I noticed a change in my kids already. A huge one. We had an exhausting weekend though and there were moments when I felt like giving in to my temper, but I still let calm prevail... and Yakee has been overflowing with positive response. So much so that when I did get angry (without shouting) last Sunday, he readily apologized and cooperated from then on.

Yamee... he is mostly cooperative :)

Most of the gems in the manuscript, I already practice and know. It was the calm that I never really aimed for, feeling I had a right to be angry all the time. So, this time, I have that for a goal.

And I am happier... because it has allowed me to manage the homeschooling better. Of course, I have much to improve on (like getting enough rest) but I am glad that now, I am feeling more empowered to manage the two. And we've had a week of blessed calm.


Yakee keeps telling me how much he loves homeschooling and how much he loves me. He is always profuse with thanks... one of the perks of really having to give of myself and my time.