Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rondalla Group at Barbara's

Hubby took me on a dinner date again at Barbara's last night. We like taking advantage of groupon offerings for this particular restaurant because we really like their food and we are reminded of our wedding (because they catered to ours).

Anyway, I was mesmerized by this rondalla group that were playing there. The guitar player was really good, and together, they were all really great. The one playing the big bass guitar was a girl, and she was rocking the very large musical instrument.

I started wishing again that I can get my kids into these Filipino groups (not sure though if they would appreciate cultural dancing, as the male dancers last night seemed gay-ish to me) as part of their homeschooling. Hubs and I agreed that I can have my wish first of having Yakee learn a wind instrument (for his lungs) and then he can transition to a guitar (maybe under hubby's uncle's tutelage) before getting his dream of learning to play the guitar. So, yes... I can forego reading through gear one mv1000 review at guitar center because Yakee has yet to master a flute, recorder or sax. 

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