Thursday, July 4, 2013

Taming My Fire

I am being more inspired by CCF and a homeschooler shared the rough draft of her manuscript on parenting gems... and for a week now, I have been really calmer.

And in just three days of choosing to follow the book's gems, I noticed a change in my kids already. A huge one. We had an exhausting weekend though and there were moments when I felt like giving in to my temper, but I still let calm prevail... and Yakee has been overflowing with positive response. So much so that when I did get angry (without shouting) last Sunday, he readily apologized and cooperated from then on.

Yamee... he is mostly cooperative :)

Most of the gems in the manuscript, I already practice and know. It was the calm that I never really aimed for, feeling I had a right to be angry all the time. So, this time, I have that for a goal.

And I am happier... because it has allowed me to manage the homeschooling better. Of course, I have much to improve on (like getting enough rest) but I am glad that now, I am feeling more empowered to manage the two. And we've had a week of blessed calm.


Yakee keeps telling me how much he loves homeschooling and how much he loves me. He is always profuse with thanks... one of the perks of really having to give of myself and my time.

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