Friday, August 2, 2013

Hakab Na Posters

Just wanted to share the posters I made for the Hakab Na! event tomorrow at Rajah Sulayman Park. I will admit to not being very active in breastfeeding advocacy lately (missing the first ever Breastfeeding Congress even!), consumed as I am with homeschooling and better parenting.

Truth be told, I ended my day with my sons shouting... being sooo sleepy and both not settling down after almost an hour. Sigh. But I know it was my fault mostly... I have been preoccupied and not really present with them.

But I did talk to them about the event tomorrow... about being attentive to My and me so that they will not lose us, and we will not lose them. I prepped them to wearing these posters... and I had to make my own as well because they might not wear theirs if I didn't have any on.

There were also sooooo many things I wanted to say on these posters too... but ultimately, my favorite one was the one for Yakee because it is what I have always, always said: That the same God that allowed me to grow my children in my belly, then deliver them safely, has provided for me to grow them outside of me.

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

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