Saturday, August 3, 2013

MIL is Handy Womanny

MIL knows close to zilch about the net so she can't have possibly Googled things like  ceramic rings at to replace pump cylinders but she continues to amaze me about how Handy Manny-like she is. She can replace pumps, valves and whatever from water pumps to ovens. Her last project that bawled me over? Re-piping their entire house (she just hired me to drill the holes through the walls for her but she did all the sawing, measuring, designing and installation of  the pipes themselves) because she couldn't find which pipe is leaking. So now, every toilet in her house has a working bidet and all showers are working, and there are locks for each system should there be any repairs need to be done, thus eliminating the need to shut down the water supply in the entire house.

Brilliant eh?

I can only hope I will be half as service-able as she is. I have started with attempting to change gas tanks... haha. I have to do more and learn more because I need to set a good example for my own boys.

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