Monday, July 20, 2015

With LIGHT, Breastfeeding is Doable

Here I am again converting The Feast preaching to a breastfeeding  inspirational. :)

First... As Bro. Alvin said in his preaching yesterday, The word LIGHT can mean two things. One is the opposite of HEAVY, the other as the opposite of DARKNESS. Then he went on to say that we can be carrying a light thing, but may still have a hard time stumbling with it in the dark... As opposed to carrying something heavy and being able to do it if we know where we are going, or if our purpose wad clear.

He later on gave as an example a woman's burden of carrying a growing baby inside for 9 months. It helps us to know it's only for 9 months right? That we won't have to waddle forever with it. It helps us that we see that child as somebody to love and get to know once it comes out.

The same is true for breastfeeding.

Light can mean clarity of purpose, knowledge as to why and how, positive support and believing in a greater power behind it.

Because breastfeeding is seldom easy. A woman has to live with the fact that she has to share her body with her child long after the birth... That what she does, how long she can be away, what she chooses to wear, what medicines to take or even food to eat have to consider breastfeeding and her baby's health.

And then there are those times when the burden is really heavy... When there are post-delivery complications in either mother or child, when baby is a preemie, when baby has congenital problems, when someone gives births to multiples, when baby becomes seriously sick. How could a mother possibly breastfeed then?

Only with clarity of purpose, the right knowledge base, the proper support and belief in God's Divine provision, I say.

Fears over whether your child is getting enough will always be there.
Fears over your supply will always be there.
Fears over your child's health will always be there.
Fears over your body's ability to provide will always be there.
Fears over the best course to take will always be there.
Fears brought about by side comments and criticisms and judgment by others (whose standards are different from your own) will always be there.
Fears brought about by a culture and generation raised on consumerism and instant results will always be there.

But if your heart and mind are clear on why you are breastfeeding, you will pursue the how, no matter what. You will find ways and make ways to persevere and prevail over sombering diagnosis, over tubes and NICU stays, over medications and work limitations. You will be tired and sick and emotionally wrecked, but those will not be reasons to stop finding ways to make it work.

You may need special help, but it doesn't mean the end of your breastfeeding story.

Choose light over darkness... Be clear about your purpose, get the right info and support.